Jun 14, 2011

Rainy Days

Hello! Long time no see.
We had kinda busy weekend which included a visit of a very good friend of mine who lives in Scotland; J's workmates party with some swimming, eating and dancing; a "pool" party with relatives in a artificial lake.

Now, unfortunately, the heatwave is over and it's back to "normal Finnish summer" aka +12,5C and pouring rain...

But the good thing is that you can relax with a good excuse and crawl into a warm bed if you don't feel like doing anything. Or you can do some projects which are untolerable during the heat. I did both of these things yesterday and today.
First I put on some Frankie...
...then I crawled into my cute sheets...
...and sipped some leftover coke from McDonald's. (Let's admit that I could've invested more to that drink aspect...)
Here's my "getting there" -balcony. It would still need a new bench and a bigger table but they are on the way.
At least I managed to get summer flowers on their pots and place them. I do love the way they look! <3

This project I bought on Saturday and finished building of it today. I've been wanting this drawers since the day I first laid eyes on it in Ikea and couple of days ago I found a great excuse to buy it! It's actually for my hubby and his minirefridge! Perfect!
And this was truly a project of eternity: to tidy up this shelf I bought for all the stuff laying around.
Now I think I've earned the rest of the day free. Perhapse I will read a little and then watch some movie with J.

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