Jun 22, 2011

Football and Hello Kitty

These few weeks I've been trapped in the world of American football.
J and his friends are playing it when ever they can.
...trousers - Esprit
...shoes - Halonen
...bag - Indiska
...jacket - borrowed from my nephew because it was freezing
Closeup from my bag.
Both earrings - Pilgrim
Scarf - a gift from Egypt
Nailpolish matches to the grass.
My absotutely favourite shoes at the moment. I wear these nearly every day. They're comfortable and cute. :)

J's holidays has begun and today we quickly visited a mall. Mainly we were looking for trousers to J, but as it turned out, he didn't find any and I did. But not trousers. Something better!
I mean, how cute can socks be?
3 pairs of Hello Kitty socks from H&M - 5€
This top was just too beautiful to be left in the store, so I HAD to buy it.
Top - H&M...14,95€

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