Jun 22, 2011

Football and Hello Kitty

These few weeks I've been trapped in the world of American football.
J and his friends are playing it when ever they can.
...trousers - Esprit
...shoes - Halonen
...bag - Indiska
...jacket - borrowed from my nephew because it was freezing
Closeup from my bag.
Both earrings - Pilgrim
Scarf - a gift from Egypt
Nailpolish matches to the grass.
My absotutely favourite shoes at the moment. I wear these nearly every day. They're comfortable and cute. :)

J's holidays has begun and today we quickly visited a mall. Mainly we were looking for trousers to J, but as it turned out, he didn't find any and I did. But not trousers. Something better!
I mean, how cute can socks be?
3 pairs of Hello Kitty socks from H&M - 5€
This top was just too beautiful to be left in the store, so I HAD to buy it.
Top - H&M...14,95€

Jun 14, 2011

Rainy Days

Hello! Long time no see.
We had kinda busy weekend which included a visit of a very good friend of mine who lives in Scotland; J's workmates party with some swimming, eating and dancing; a "pool" party with relatives in a artificial lake.

Now, unfortunately, the heatwave is over and it's back to "normal Finnish summer" aka +12,5C and pouring rain...

But the good thing is that you can relax with a good excuse and crawl into a warm bed if you don't feel like doing anything. Or you can do some projects which are untolerable during the heat. I did both of these things yesterday and today.
First I put on some Frankie...
...then I crawled into my cute sheets...
...and sipped some leftover coke from McDonald's. (Let's admit that I could've invested more to that drink aspect...)
Here's my "getting there" -balcony. It would still need a new bench and a bigger table but they are on the way.
At least I managed to get summer flowers on their pots and place them. I do love the way they look! <3

This project I bought on Saturday and finished building of it today. I've been wanting this drawers since the day I first laid eyes on it in Ikea and couple of days ago I found a great excuse to buy it! It's actually for my hubby and his minirefridge! Perfect!
And this was truly a project of eternity: to tidy up this shelf I bought for all the stuff laying around.
Now I think I've earned the rest of the day free. Perhapse I will read a little and then watch some movie with J.

Jun 5, 2011


Couple of days ago we went to see J's brother and his family. 'Cause it was beautiful and sunny day, I put on one of my favourite dresses and my gladiators.
On our way there J said that we were going to carry timber for his brothers new terrace. So there I was in my pretty summery dress and unpractical sandals...
top - Zara (lol, I didn't know I owned something from Zara!)
dress - Mango, Salzburg
gladiators - K-Citymarket, last summer about 25€
armbands - H&M?
necklace - some store in Poland
belt - H&M
I love the back of the dress. It's similar to the front which is nice. Especially when your hair is up.
And my lovesandals... <3 I don't know how long did I hunt the perfect pair of gladiatorsandals and finally I spotted them from a supermarket on sale. It was a great bargain!

Jun 2, 2011

Heat is on

Yesterday was truly a hot day! I spent couple of hours in the beach and got a massive headache from the sun. I really should find a hat for this summer...
In the evening we went to our friends and watched Spaceballs. -__-
shirt - H&M (older than old)
trousers - H&M (I truly re-discovered these from my closet!)
necklase - Lindex
earrings - Accessorize
bracelet - Lindex
The next thing I have to think about is my hair... I know I should dye it soon but which color, I have no idea. I'd like to stay blonde but what shade... Decisions, decisions.

Now we're off to our friends cabin! Maybe I will swim at last!