Mar 18, 2011

Movie Lover

Hello Dear Readers!

I decided to write this post only in English, 'cause I don't have patience to write in two languages right now.. :D So I realized I have so many pictures that I haven't posted here and so many new things I've bought without telling you. I didn't take pictures of them yet, but I promise to do so soon.

Here's my clothing on last Saturday when we visited our friends.

Day's outfit
*Under Top - KappAhl (I guess...)
*Violet Top - Recycling center, 3€ (This is one of the "new" things)
*Bolero - H&M
*Jeans - Vero Moda (bought when I was 13 or something, yey!)
*Bag - Aleksi13
*Jewels - On right hand: London; On left hand: Lindex and Accessorize; Necklace: Really old..

By the way, I've realized that I have some kind of shopaholism. I don't spend much money or more than I can afford, but I buy little things almost every day. It's so great to get something cute or beautiful that makes me happy. But couple of days ago I made a promise to myself not to buy almost anything from now on.

Of course on the next day I broke the promise when we visited one flea market with my friend. I bought this jacket and one summertop.

But as my excuse, the jacket was Esprits and as good as new. And it's price was 4€! I couldn't believe my eyes. My next winter is rescued!

This morning I enjoyed the sunny weather and a tasty breakfast my hubby made for us.

On his way to work, J dropped me on the video renting place called Makuuni. There is this sale week when everything is 50% off. Perhapse I went a little crazy when I rented four films that has to be returned tomorrow..

I haven't seen any of these. I was planning on watching The Women now when I'm on my day off. And in the evening when J comes home we could watch Home of the Brave and Brothers. Yey! I just love movies so much, I guess I'm a bit addicted to them as well.

And finally couple of random facts.

The nailpolish I currently have on.

And the book I'm reading. I liked Weisbergers "Everyone Worth Knowing" and ofcourse the movie "Devil Wears Prada". Therefor when I found this in the recycling center at 2,60€ I bought it without thinking more about it. And it is a good book! Easy to read and addicting. And of course - it has a green high heeled shoe on the cover!!!

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  1. Hi! No one has ever told me that I look like Emily Blunt, but I showed my family her picture and they all said yes, that I do look sort of like her!

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