Mar 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I decided to do a little posting of my kitchen. It's the only room I can officially decorate as I wish. I'll just spam alot of details here. :) Enjoy!

I moved my bookshelf from livingroom to kitchen and now I have all my cookingbooks in it.

Something I recieved when buying two or three boxes of cerial which we didn't eat. Great deal! :D

And here's my collection of magnets:

Fridge poetry! Means something like "tattooed hunger - Rosenlew"

So true!

I could place my keys here.


My current favourite.

And here's my lovely coasters glued on the wall:


Frames without pictures. I'm planning to place some old looking pictures of my family here.

My favourite coffee mug.

And some card I bought recently. It says: "Too much good things is wonderful!"

There, hope you enjoyed visiting my kitchen! :D

Edit: I don't know why that one coaster doesn't show, but when you klick it you can see it. :)

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