May 31, 2011

Summer is officially here


It's officially summer! We went to the beach today and J even swam. I dipped my feet in the water but it was way too cold for me.
Afterwards we spent the evening in our balcony playing Scrabble (which I won). It was such a nice day! Tomorrow it should be something like +28C degrees. :)))

Here's some "old" outfit from the evening we went to see our movie. top - Lindex
...sweater - H&M
...trousers - H&M?
...necklace - JC, 5,90€
...belt - Mango, Salzburg (I really do like to show off with this one, do I?)
Pictures from today
I started reading this wonderful book that tells about a family that spends a part of the year in Italy. It's written with witty sense of humour. I love it already!
As my beach outfit I had...
...dress - H&M (really old)
...bikinis - H&M, 9,95€
...gladiator sandals - (unfortunately not showing in the picture...)

I also managed to clean a pile of clothes from the bedroom floor. So now I can enjoy the warm summer day tommorrow with a clear conscience!

Hope the sun shines to you too!

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