Apr 7, 2011

Bad Day

Good morning everyone! I finally woke from that everlasting sleep! :D But this day wasn't the best of days... It was really clowdy on the morning but towards afternoon it started pouring rain and it was extremely wet everywhere.

(Here's outfit from couple of days ago)
We visited a mall with my friend today and it was a mistake. I saw "sale"-posters everywhere. It was a bad thing because a) we didn't have much time and b) I seriously don't have much money currently. So I ended up really depressed and without any new clothes.
I came up with a thousand new items I just have to get. What I really need is a new spring jacket but it's impossible to find the perfect one.
But to highlight my financial situation.. We went to this flowerstore called Plantagen and I tried to buy a bunch of roses that costed 2,50€ and I didn't have enough money! It was so embarrasing to say to the salesperson that I'm sorry I have to leave these roses here... At least I had 0,35€ to buy some seeds which I know I'm not going to get to grow.
*Blouse - Seppälä
*Jeans - Vero Moda
*Belt - Mango, Salzburg
*Earrings - H&M

Here's something like the dream trench coat of mine
These are from Burberry which is a bit too expensive for my budget :D But I'm hoping to find something like this..
Anyways, I try to get over my financial depression and perhapse clean the house if that would cheer me up!

Hope you are doing a bit better my dear readers! <3

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